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Plan the best Surf Camp for Children. Your children’s holidays are approaching and it is time to plan a stay in a fun camp, in the company of other boys and girls of their age, in an atmosphere of respect and joy.
At Barrika Surf Camp we are specialists in making them have a great time, have fun and learn surfing and English. We will make this experience unforgettable.
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Organize your Surf Camp for Adults and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience. Have you always wanted to start surfing and you are no longer a child? We have good news: Surfing has no age. It is only necessary to want to have fun, we take care of the rest.
With Barrika Surf Camp you will discover the sensation of experiencing surfing from within, doing activities with other adults, and all in a fantastic environment a few meters from the beach.



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Surf initiation courses for children. Surfing is one of the most fun, complete and rewarding sports for your child in summer. We plan children’s courses from scratch and our instructors specialized in dealing with children will make them learn quickly, but above all they will have a good time surrounded by other boys and girls like them.
Join your sons and daughters with us and discover a wonderful world of fun, laughter and friendship in the company of other kids their age.
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More than 7000 adults have learned to surf with us, and many of them continue to practice this sport and repeat the adult surf courses that we program.
Sign up for our surf courses for adults and experience the sensation of playing with the waves, and advance your surfing quickly
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If your son or daughter already surfs, but wants to advance in their level of surfing, we design courses to improve surfing, in which we combine theory, practice and advanced surfing technique, taught by specialized instructors.
We plan and coordinate exercises that will help you a lot in your surfing evolution, with really remarkable results.
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Advanced surfing courses for adults. We analyze your surfing, and we see how to improve it, removing those little vices acquired for a long time, which you know you must correct, but you do not know how.
We make you catch more waves, but above all, better waves.
We propose a plan for you to perform those maneuvers that you have always dreamed of and that seem really impossible.
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This is the forecast, in real time, of waves and sea at Sopela beach for the next 7 days.

We hope to help you plan your surfing and have fun in and out of the water.

Check the weather forecast in EUSKALMET

Sopela and Larrabasterra beach webcam

Special Surf Spots to learn and advance

Depending on the weather conditions and the state of the sea, we will choose between Sopela and Plentzia, one of the two surf spots where we have a license to teach the classes.


Plentzia surf galery

Sopela surf galery

Barrika surf galery

At BArrika surf camp we differentiate ourselves by being


We take care of you so that you can surf safely both in and out of the water


Our surf instructors are specially trained to teach children and teenagers. They are monitors by vocation, and that shows in the deal.


We make teaching fun, and all the children and adults who have gone through our Surf Camps or Surf Courses have said the same thing. WE HAVE A GREAT TIME.


We support the consumption of local seasonal products and initiatives in favor of the circular economy. We make caring for the environment our hallmark


We transmit values ​​of caring for the environment and sustainability, and we make this commitment something that remains in the minds of all the people who have visited our surf camps in Barrika or surf courses in Sopela or Plentzi.


RESPONSIBLE We have a staff of certified teachers and monitors in all trainings and degrees.

Surf Camp and Surf School


The best option to learn to surf in a fun and safe way. Our school is committed to personalized teaching, in which the student progresses feeling comfortable and safe. In addition, our Surf Camp is a Tourist Hostel with the Good Practices Label and we belong to the Basque Government’s Tourism Product Club.