Hawaian Experience

Hawaii is the Mecca of surfing, for tradition and history, but above all for the quality of its waves and the Aloha spirit of its people.

Our twinning with the Surfcamp MAUI SPORTS & ADVENTURES gives us the possibility to offer you surfing in MAUI. One of the most beautiful and exuberant islands of the archipelago and share the true ALOHA spirit, in company of the Schweitzer family, a worldwide recognized surfing family with a long history related to surfing sports.

The family head is Matt (x 18 World champ) and Shawneen both have been world champions in windsurfing.

Matty and Zane are complete watermans capable of surfing jaws (Peahi) or making long trips from island to island, Zane is runner-up in the world in the 2015 sup-surf category and world champion in the 2016 waterman category, Ultimate waterman, but above all great surfers with a vocation to teach along with Shelby, the youngest of the family, US champion in the longboard and sup-surf category, as well as a specialist in yoga.


The Surfcamp is spectacular, comfortable with pool and jacuzzi, close to all the peaks.

But the best, without a doubt, is the family atmosphere, the closeness that they offer with naturalness, during your stay you will be part of the family, the practice of English is one more incentive.

If we offer this opportunity to surf in Maui with any level is because we agree on teaching methods, from MAUI SPORTS & ADVENTURES work to make the student feel comfortable and learn to the maximum in their stay. In addition to providing an excellent service, we comply with all the necessary safety measures.

To make the economic conditions affordable (taking into account that we are talking about Hawaii) we can send groups of between 4 and 8 people. For a minimum stay of 10 days, if you don’t have a group and you are interested in going, ask us and we will offer you dates for groups.