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Our inclusive surfing champions at Sopela

In a July with few waves, our inclusive surfing champions can finally enjoy the feeling of catching waves, enjoy them with all their mates in the water, and prove that they are true champions of surfing and of life.

Ioritz is our surfing champion. In every wave he shows that in the water we are all equal, we all have enthusiasm and desire. Courage Ioritz!!!!!

Yolanda is our expert surfer. She enjoys like no one else! Every wave is a boost of adrenaline and joy in her face. Yolanda is the example of SURFING CHAMPIONISM!

The first waves were a bit scary… but by the third, accompanied by Lurta, she was moving like a fish in water. Yolanda is the example of what can be done with enthusiasm, passion and patience.

Las primeras olas daban un poco de miedito.. pero a la tercera, acompañada por Lurta, se movía como pez en el agua. Yolanda es el ejemplo de lo que se puede hacer con ilusión, pasión y paciencia.

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