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We help you to enter the fantastic world of big waves or Big Sessions. Face the challenge of surfing real walls of water where adrenaline and pleasure go hand in hand.
Clase de surf de olas grandes

Big Wave Courses

Specific training oriented to Big Wave surfing

Big wave surfing in Bizkaia is a state of mind. It requires physical conditions adapted to this type of surfing; strength, apnea capacity, endurance, paddling, etc. but to all of them we must add the mental preparation to face those situations that many are intimidated or blocked.
Our specific preparation includes different breathing techniques, fitness and yoga combined with surfing sessions in which you will overcome those mental barriers until you are able to face those big waves.
You will be able to face waves of 4 meters and enjoy the power of impressive bodies of water in a calm and safe way, without being blocked by fear.
We have the experience of successfully facing this kind of challenges and when we see a student manage to move the board safely in big waves we feel a special satisfaction and pride for having managed to see a surfer surfing through walls of water larger than 3.5 meters.

Book your big wave surfing course in Sopela with instructors specialized in big waves.