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We train surfers in our competition surf courses. We follow the evolution and trace a path that will require effort and dedication, both on our part and on the part of the future champion.

Surf competition courses in Sopela

Advanced technical surfing training for competition in Sopela, tactical training, both physical, mental and emotional.



The formation of future champions begins with a good coach.
Competitive surfing requires skills, perseverance, dedication and a technical team with professional coaches.
Your coach must be able to enhance your technique, supporting you mentally, to progress in your faculties and abilities.
Our team of coaches will help advanced surfers to take that step of quality in their surfing by analyzing their evolution.
We will evaluate the possibilities of reaching the surfers’ goals, and we will offer our expert vision about the real possibilities of achieving them.
Surfing oriented to compete with other surfers is a competitive activity for which you must be prepared both physically and mentally.
The surfing progression of an aspiring champion comes at a time when it evolves very slowly, but the small advances in this phase are the most important.

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If you want to check the weather and sea conditions, you can access the web of EUSKALMET.

escuela de Surf de competición pionera en Sopela y Plentzia

Hire your surf competition course in Sopela with professional instructors specialized in training surfers for competition.