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We help you to improve your surfing technique, following closely the evolution of your maneuvers in the water.

You will improve your surfing significantly

Surfing technique, theory, maneuvers, sea forecast, reading wave reports, in short, we make you advance in this wonderful sport.


Hire your surf course in Sopela or Plentzi with qualified instructors, with insurance included, and enjoy an incredible experience. You will repeat!


Surfing improvement course for adults

We help you to improve your surfing making the evolution of your maneuvers in the water have the level you have always wanted to reach.
The sea teaches us something new every day. You never stop learning, but many times you need the expert vision of a teacher to correct small defects.
We are waiting for you to teach you and share all our experience in surfing in contact with the sea, and making our passion, your best ally.
Surfing better than other surfers in the water is often just a matter of having someone by your side to tell you what you are doing wrong or where you can improve.
Our instructors are above all surfers who can give you that expert eye you need to realize not what you are doing wrong, but how to correct it and progress in your surfing.
At Jaiki Surf Eskola we are committed to you and the evolution of your surfing.

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