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We teach adults to surf from scratch and we guarantee that they will have one of the best experiences of their lives.
Cursos de surf para adultos iniciación.

Beginner surf courses for adults

Learn to surf with us. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You just have to come with the desire to surf and have fun!

We organize, plan and direct SURF COURSES FOR ADULTS with the experience of having taught surfing to people from 18 to 60 years old, and above all with the full satisfaction that they have had a good time.
Many of them have become hooked on this wonderful, fun and complete sport, in which they become close friends with a common bond, the water, the sea and the waves.
If you are an active person, you have always been interested in the sea, surfing and action, and you believe that motivation, enthusiasm and desire can take you to the point that makes you enjoy like a child in the water, we invite you to try with us.


Guaranteed fun learning to surf with Jaiki Surf Eskola

We guarantee you will have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You will experience the sensation of feeling young, agile and with an enviable energy.
You no longer have an excuse not to experience the joy of catching a wave. That thing you’ve always dreamed of; surfing like a child, enjoying the feeling of standing on the wave, feeling every movement of the board under your feet.
We are pioneers in SURF COURSES FOR ADULTS IN THE BASQUE COUNTRY and more than 7,000 adults have passed through our surf school with an almost total satisfaction rate, proof of this is that today almost all of them continue surfing actively and regularly.

The advantage of having instructors who are experts in teaching adults

The biggest advantage of having a teacher is that he corrects the small vices that become big mistakes that do not let you move forward, providing the feeling of doing better every day.
Learning by trial and error is the guarantee that you will get tired after a few days. It will seem to you that surfing is something impossible to learn, when the truth is that it is something extremely simple within everyone’s reach.
You only need to be clear about a few concepts and the expert eye of a monitor who looks at what you do and how you do it, and tells you what and how you have to do to correct those details that make you do not progress.
An adult learning to surf is something rewarding for all of us who are dedicated to teaching surfing by vocation.
The main lesson we learn day by day is that YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD TO LEARN TO SURF, NOR ARE YOU TOO OLD TO FULFILL A DREAM.
We provide you with all the necessary material, of the best quality and adapted to your level, so you can start or practice this sport in a safe way.

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Book your beginners surf course for adults in Sopela or Plentzi with qualified instructors, with insurance included, and enjoy an incredible experience. You will repeat for sure!