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We teach advanced surfing technique to children and young people and follow their evolution.
Niño en clase de perfeccionamiento de surf

We help children and young people to improve their surfing with advanced technique

We improve surfing technique for kids. We have the experience to see how children progress in their surfing, without stress, pressure or bad environment.

In Jaiki Surk Eskola we have more than 20 years of experience perfecting the surfing of girls and boys of all ages.
We have developed a method that allows children to continue to advance technically in surfing but without forgetting that the most important thing is to have fun in and out of the water.
We also promote the spirit of camaraderie in a healthy and motivating environment. In addition, they will learn about surfing equipment and wave forecasting because we believe that teaching surfing goes beyond teaching maneuvers. 

Hire your advanced surf course for children and teenagers in Sopela or Plentzi with qualified instructors, with insurance included, and enjoy an incredible experience. You will repeat with us for sure!