Winter Training

Prepare for your special training to strengthen your surf

We introduce you to surf training and improving the winter season from a basic level of improvement.

The objectives of the school are as follows:

  • Fun and high level of safety, surfing remains a danger sport.
  • To improve the physical level that is necessary to overcome every student’s learning stages.
  • Improving the speed of response to surfing and learning the news, to keep evolving.
  • Knowing material boards, different styles, neoprene, accessories.
  • Reading the sea:
  • Study of sea conditions and meteorological conditions.
  • Choosing surface-surf waves by criteria.
  • To promote balance.

We propose to make alternate groups of different levels, with each teacher.

– Three, two or one class weekly, two hours each (Saturday and Sunday mornings or afternoons, according to meteorology). This year, for adults, surf practice and slackline, Carve boarding, stretching, meteorology lectures, surf materials.

Video recordings, self-correction.

Students will have their own personal equipment, but teachers will be able to change the tables whenever they think proper.


In the morning from 08:00 to 14:00 and in the afternoon from 16:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sundays, depending on the level of the tides and surfer, on the beaches Arrietara-Atxabiribil and Plentzia.
Teams are small, different degrees, and have a maximum of six students per teacher, depending on the capacity of the vehicles we have.
For those who want to surf within the week, we’ll be ready and fit into the student’s schedule.
Until the October timetable is changed, Fridays are a choice. We’ll arrange training for students, depending on their level.
On the beaches of Uribe Coast, displacement will cost no extra money. Outside Uribe Coast, each displacement costs 10 euros in the concept of gasoline and mechanics.
Despite meteorology, we’re always proposing supplementary activities such as sup, skate, yoga (domo), video analysis, surf training, improving performance.
If schools can’t be offered because of the bad weather, they’ll be restored at bridges, on Christmas holidays, in the holy week or in the summer.

Consult the training program that suits you best.

Eight-day bond

The eight-day bond, which will be in use in winter and with one year expiration


tax included

1 day per week

1 day per week, from September to June

month price


tax included

2 days per week

2 days per week, from September to June

month price


tax included

3 days per week

3 days per week, including Christmas days, holy week and every bridge, from September to June

month price


tax included


Quarterly, 2 (two) days a week

month price


tax included